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2017’s Top Celebrities News Stories

Celebrities make for some great gossip. From scandals to hookups they always keep things interesting. We may like it, hate it, but we still want our dose of stories revolving around them. 2017 was no different it had many stories some tragic, some celebratory.

The royal family is growing: Prince William and Duchess Kate announced that they were expecting a baby. The royal couple is already blessed with two kids; Prince George and Princess Charlotte are now expecting their third. According to sources, the queen is delighted by the news of a little member getting added to the family.

Death of Chris Cornell: This May, the music lovers suffered a loss with the death of Chris Cornell who was with the Soundgarden. Chris, who was 52 died in a hotel room by hanging himself. His wife quoted that the cause of death may be due to the medicines he was consuming for mood stabilization. The musician completed a concert at MGM Grand in Detroit before committing suicide. Tests confirmed the presence of over the counter and prescription drugs in his body at the time of death. The coroner meanwhile said that the cause of death might not be due to drugs.

Kate Upton and Justin Verlander get hitched: This November, Kate got married to Justin in Italy after he won the Houston Astros and the World Series. The couple shared pics on their Instagram of their wedding with a note saying Thank you to our family and friends.

Kendall Jenner Controversy: Kendall was in the middle of controversy due to the Pepsi commercial that she was part of in April. In that video, she was seen offering a can of Pepsi to the police and achieving unity between the police and the protectors. The ad was not well received by some people as there have been many violent clashes between the cops and protesters. The company removed the ad and apologized to Kendall after critics blasted them on twitter stating that it was an example of exploitation for profit.

Death of Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell, a front man in the band Soundgarden was found dead in a hotel in Detroit. Cornell was 52 and was last seen performing in a concert with his band Soundgarden. He was found hanging in the hotel in Detroit on Wednesday, and the Wayne County Medical examiner’s office confirmed that the musician took his life by committing suicide. Earlier, a spokesperson Brian Bumbery had released a statement stating that his death was unexpected and sudden. The statement also said that the family has requested for privacy and they are cooperating with the medical examiner.

Detroit Police spokesperson speaking to BBC confirmed that they got a call after midnight on Wednesday and they found the body on the bathroom floor. Medical unit pronounced that Cornell was dead on the scene. The police were called by a friend who had gone to check on him and found him on the bathroom floor. The medical examiner said that the reason for death was due to hanging.

The musical fraternity is in the state of shock as he was actively involved in concerts though he was suffering from addiction. Despite that, he was in good health and was performing shows and was top notch at that. He has released four solo albums with the most recent Higher Truth. His ‘You Know My Name’ which was published in 2006 in the UK was the theme song for the movie Casino Royale starring Daniel Craig.