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The misconceptions of the “Down” Season

“The misconceptions of the “Down” Season”

It is a common misconception that the landscaping professional needs to slow down due to the fall and winter (“down” season). Another misconception says this is not a good time to start a yard construction project or begin a regular maintenance program for your yard. landscape maintenance
Landscaping seasonality actually enables you and your landscaper the best chance to get started on a project or maintenance. Here’s why . . .

Construction. Why you ask?
The best time to start a landscaping construction project is during the “down” season. A landscaping construction professional can work in any weather. Yes, it can be easier when the weather is nice, but steps can be made to handle adverse weather while still getting a project done. The cooler/damper weather makes it easier to work in the soil, dig and plant.
The bigger benefit of doing construction projects during the down season is you get to enjoy the benefits of using your completed yard during the nicest times of the year. If you wait to start your project during the best weather you typically won’t enjoy the “use” your yard when the weather is the nicest.
Why else you ask?

-Projects usually are easier to schedule during the down season.
-Suppliers often give bigger discounts on plant stock or material.
-Your yard gets a jump-start on what it needs to look good for the spring and summer.

Maintenance. Why you ask?

The down season also provides the best chance at a beginning or maintaining a solid yard maintenance program. Homeowners generally feel that there is nothing to do in the winter and they may be wasting money on beginning or staying with yard maintenance.
Eliminating your landscape professional during the fall or winter often ties their hands unnecessarily as they have to play catch up in the Spring usually costing you more time and money.
The fact is a yard can look good during adverse fall and winter weather. With consistent care you are taking necessary steps to ensure a healthy and up kept yard as you move into the spring and summer seasons.
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What else does a landscape professional do during the “down season”?

• Clean up hard surfaces and flowerbeds of excess leaves and tree debris accumulated during foul weather and tree seasonality.
• Winterize sprinkler systems.
• Turf care: Aerate, thatch, over seed, fertilize, moss control, control moss and broad leaf weeds.
• Turf repair: spot repair.
• Drainage work.
• Fertilize evergreens and shrubs.
• Clean gutters.
• Mow turf (Washington typically has a 1-2 month time where mowing is not necessary, but due to • our mild climate mowing can be year round).

We’ve listed below a checklist of other areas to assess in your yard going into this Fall/Winter:

• Pressure wash dirt and moss off driveways, walkways, and entrance areas.
• Decorate the yard with Fall/Winter color annuals.
• Repair landscape lighting.
• Winterize water features.
• Clean up any accumulated debris in yard.
• Prune larger tree limbs next to house or near power lines.
• Wrap/Cover outdoor water faucets.

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